iWeb greyed out

I haven't been using iWeb much simply because I prefer a good old text editor for making web pages. Nevertheless, I wanted to check something out in iWeb. So, I opened it. Nothing happened and all menus were greyed out. The website I had worked on before was not visible. I didn't find the cause for this but here is one solution:

1) Close iWeb.

2) Go to this folder in your user Library folder (/Users/Your_User_Name/Library/Application Support/iWeb/). Now, in Mountain Lion, the user Library is hidden. Three possible solutions to this problem:
  • From the Finder, menu "Go" > "Go To Folder...", type /Users/Your_User_Name/Library/Application Support/iWeb/ and hit "Go".
  • From the Terminal, type
    $ open /Users/Your_User_Name/Library/Application\ Support/iWeb/
    (don't type the dollar sign).
  • Unhide the user Library folder from the Terminal,
    $ chflags nohidden /Users/Your_User_Name/Library.

3) Now that you are in the /Users/Your_User_Name/Library/Application Support/iWeb/ folder, you might see a "Domain" file. Move it somewhere safe (don't delete it as it contains all the information about your existing site) like on the Desktop for example.

4) After moving the file, open iWeb.

5) It should now ask you what type of template and site do you want? Choose anything you want.

6) If you want to access your old site, close iWeb. Go back in the /Users/Your_User_Name/Library/Application Support/iWeb/ folder. Delete the newly created Domain file and then move back the old Domain file into this folder.

7) Open iWeb. It should work again.


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